Playing around with video in the Sony RX10 and goofing on camera.

sony rx10 from Kirk Tuck on Vimeo.

Goofing around with the video part of the Sony RX10 camera. It's me mugging to camera. Click through the link and go see it on Vimeo to see the HD version. Note the detail in my hair, etc. It should give you a small idea of what the Sony is capable of....

Please, no fan mail...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kirk, can you suggest a resource (doesn't have to be free) where I can start learning about video?

I used to resent video, but I'm getting more and more interested in it and would like to get up to speed.I know nothing about file formats, audio or editing.

Current tools: E-M5, various lenses, Lightroom, Mac.

Thanks a lot for all the posts and opening my eyes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk, I just posted a comment on your site. Of all possible methods to identify oneself only "Anonymous" worked. All others produces various errors.

Just thought you might like to know about this issue.

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany, Bojidar

Rufus said...

You are a handsome devil with those baby blue eyes.

Have you ever considered modelling? I know this guy and I can get him to make you a showreel for free. It if works out, I also know these guys in the movie industry... ;)

Nice output from the Sony. It is a tempting little package.

Michael Matthews said...

Looks good when streamed directly from Vimeo, a bit soft when seen via the Safari browser.

Two of the three comments above this one (at time of writing) are spot on: there's a big need for a series of primer videos on video for still photographers. And, your appearance and presence on camera are way above and beyond average. From the viewer's standpoint, immediate engagement as if in conversation with someone already known and liked. Don't let anybody "direct" or coach you away from your normal, spontaneous manner on camera. It's gold, just waiting to be found.

Anonymous said...


How come you don't "sound" like a Texan? Where is the accent?

Joe (not from Texas)

Dave said...

Thanks for sharing that Kirk. Still strongly thinking about this as a good, general purpose answer. Not outstanding at any one thing but able to contribute meaningfully in a wide array of situations. The built in ND is something I've been wanting for a long while so it hits a lot of sweet spots.

Ananda Sim said...

Like how the face detect doesn't seek badly.