Just a snapshot between shots in the product studio.

Renae embraces the product.

You know how it gets when it's around 4pm and you've still got a few hours of product shooting to get through and everyone is getting punchy. Always a good time to put all the toys down and go for a walk. Or sit quietly for 20 minutes with a cup of coffee. 

Renae and I were photographing products for the annual report of a long since dead dot come start up company. We were blazing away with a Hasselblad and a 120mm Makro lens. Big soft boxes everywhere. For some reason she picked up this laptop and just started laughing hysterically.

Is it my imagination or are the skin tones on this scanned transparency richer than the ones we get from our digital cameras? Maybe it's just the scan......


Svarstykes said...

When real emotions come, the lightning, the skin tone become much better at once.

Juan Carlos said...

I haven't done much side to side comparisons of scanned images vs pure digital ones, but it does almost seem like the scaned images have slightly better tone. Perhaps Epson really does make good scanners (I have the V700).

Kirk, perhaps you can do a blind test for us readers to see if we can guess correctly. I remember one of your past posts in which you showed two portraits, one from a digital camera, and the other a scanned image from a negative or slide (I believe it was from a Hasselblad?).

Rufus said...


Nice image. I'm not perving on the model, but she does have terrific skin. Maybe it is the camera, maybe the processing, maybe its Kirk. Lovely skin tone though. She is beautiful.

You make it look easy sometimes.

Livino said...

Kirk, what film size was that?