How's that Olympus 12-45mm Pro lens working for me in the "real world"? Not bad.


I'm really enjoying the new lens. Well, both of the new Olympus lenses. In each category they are small and light while being first rate imaging tools. I kept the Panasonic GH5ii with the Olympus 12-45mm Pro lens on the passenger's seat of my amazingly wonderful Subaru Forester for my entire two day trip to Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago. If I saw something I liked I pulled off the two lane highway onto a wide shoulder and took the shot. The 12/45 is pretty much the perfect range for me when shooting casually. It's the Ff equiv. of a 24 - 90mm lens and that just about covers everything I want in a walk around lens. 

It's sharp at its widest aperture and seems to handle diffraction well to at least f11. The increasing depth of field probably compensates psychologically for any loss of ultra fine detail...

It also makes for a small and light package which is low profile. And I think that becomes more important as cameras in general start to disappear entirely from most Americans public lives. The 12-45mm is on sale right now for chump change at most Olympus dealers. This week, at least, it's $100 bucks off the usual price. If I didn't have at the moment I'd probably go out and buy one. 

Funny quick tale about my car. I traded a two year old Subaru Forester (also white) for the latest model at my dealer last year. I paid a very small difference to upgrade. When I got back from my road trip last week I idly looked up the value of my newer Forester. If I do the math I paid something like $26,000 total to own this one. But the new pricing on the used models at the dealer is now over $30,000 for a same model and year but with 15,000 more miles on it than mine. I can sell the car right now for more money that I paid for it brand new. I'd consider selling or trading again but, at least in Austin, there are very few new cars to choose from right now. Still, I think the ramp up in prices is weird, perplexing and hopefully transitory. Cars. So silly. Right?

Ah. Site seeing in West Texas. This is THE view for dozens and dozens and dozens of miles...