Taking a look back as I work on a new style and new projects. Nothing particularly interesting to talk about today. I'll let the photos carry on the conversation. Amazing how many different cameras are represented here.

Canon 5mk2, Canon 1DS mk2, Canon 1Dmk3, Nikon D800, Nikon D2H, Nikon D810, Fuji XH-1, Fuji XT3, A Contax G2, Various Leicas, Hasselblad film cameras, Rollei MF film cameras, Samsung Galaxy GX,  Phase One, iPhone, Olympus PenFT film camera, Olympus EP series cameras, Panasonic GH cameras, Sony New-7 and various other Sonys, and more.  

I'm taking a few days off here to relax and play. We're photographing live theater at Esther's Follies tomorrow. Got some portraits to do on Friday but I'm just coasting through to the end of the month. No big trajectory yet figured out. Just swimming, fun shooting, dinners with friends and other chilled out activities... enjoy the snaps.