Using inconsistency to baffle my more linear blog readers.

This is a frame from one of the Hasselblad Cameras.  We took it last Thurs. out on a highway project.  It looks much different to me than the same kinds of images I also took with my Pen EP3.  For what I need to do with this photo (above) the look is just right.  It's what I saw and what I imagined when I looked through the viewfinder.  Sometimes you want chocolate cake and sometimes you want blueberry pie.  Some times you want to wash it all down with milk and other times you want to flush it down with a mason jar full of cheap bourbon.

Cameras are interesting in that professionals and hobbyists seem to see them in two different ways.  I've got a bunch of them and they grow around the studio almost organically.  I see them as different ingredients for exciting visual recipes.  I seem them as sultry brunettes and sunny, exuberant blondes.  Some times you want to look at Rembrant.  Sometimes you want to look at Picasso.  And rarely, but occasionally you want to glance at a Jackson Pollock.  Some of my hobbyist buddies are aghast that I collect outside the rigorous boundaries of a single system.  All Leroi Nieman all the time.

Buy more cameras.  Don't watch the same episode of Star Trek over and over again.  Variety is the spice of life.  But don't go overboard.  All things in moderation......