A Collection of Really Good, Used Photo Books has Come to My Attention. I'm posting the link to a classified ad on the Rangefinder forum. I can vet the seller personally...


Our friend and fellow photographer, Dave Jenkins (a long time part of the VSL family) collected photo books for most of his career and is now selling them. Dave is still a working photographer and his collection of books includes many titles

 that I have on my own shelves. There are some real gems in his list and he's selling them at incredibly low prices.

While the web keeps trying to kill physical books there is tremendous value in sitting down in a nice chair, with a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine, and looking through a well curated collection of images all in one place. All well printed and made to exactly the right size for immersive viewing.

I am posting this list because I think you might find a lot of value in these books. I already have the Skrebneski book but it is so good (and Dave's price is so low) that I may have to pick up a second copy unless someone beats me to it.

disclaimer: Dave is not affiliated with VSL. I am receiving no payment in either financial instruments or gifts of books to post this on VSL. There is no affiliate commission  to be earned. Dave Jenkins is totally responsible for each transaction and fulfillment. Given my long tenure of friendship with Dave I can recommend him wholeheartedly as a person and a vendor. 

Treat yourself and buy some books. The classifieds at Rangefinder are very well done and I think you can burrow down into the offering and see the cover images. Get reckless. Buy some history in the art that you love.