The Graying of Traditional Advertising.

Back in 2013 I wrote a piece entitled, "The Graying of Traditional Photography", it provoked a certain amount of push back but if one looks back over the last four years you can plainly see that most of what I wrote is now obvious and inarguable. The way we understood photography fundamentally changed, as did the cameras we buy to do a newer iteration of photography, and so did the industry of making photographs for money. I never predicted a wholesale collapse but a flattening of an industry whose longtime practitioners had their own set of prejudices about how the industry worked, what cameras and lenses were relevant, and how photography worked in the context of advertising.

I stated, and still believe, that certain small segments of the existing markets will still need expert suppliers who can weave together technical disciplines learned through hard practice with styles and business practices that reflect current, ubiquitous markets and channels. We're not all going away at once. It's not total Armageddon.