Car inversion. Flying saucer trash can. (waste bin...). X100V in Tri-X mode.


Felt nice to be out working on an advertising job today. I was photographing a bridge as a background for a photo we're compositing and I came across this guy...


I've never had balance like that! And he's at least 30 or 40 feet above hard ground. When he got closer I did notice he had a safety harness on. Then my blood pressure dropped back down to normal. I don't do heights or war zones. I ran the numbers....it doesn't work for me.

Still working to get completely conversant with the Fuji X100V. I think we're getting there. Also, just when I thought things were winding down..

Content removed.

Emmett in a parking lot, in the rain.


Emmett, my favorite restauranteur, in the rain, in a parking lot 
outside my favorite Chinese restaurant.

Camera: Fuji X100V.

Emmett owns a restaurant called, Asti Trattoria.
It's my favorite Austin restaurant but sometimes
we have lunch after swim practice and we tend to 
pick places close to the pool. 
More efficient. 

On this day we had a late lunch at Lotus Hunan.

It was good.