The new "Kirk" (post the 1st 5k blogs) is mellower, more approachable, more laidback. And less prone to relentless blogging. Relax... I'm still writing, just not at such a feverish pace.

Jennifer. After swim practice. At the studio.

I'm making a few lifestyle adjustments. I've decided that it would be in everyone's best interests if I relaxed a bit more and tried to be less opinionated, elitist, impatient, vitriolic and driven. I like writing and making (and sharing) photographs so I'm loathe to give up the blog any time soon but...I want to ratchet down expectations that I'll have something new to post every day. The new schedule is going to be a non-schedule. The introduction of new posts will be a bit less regimented and regular. 

It's tough to change pace on short notice but it's part of a whole lifestyle change which includes more meditation, an abstention of alcohol (toasts at weddings, funerals and democratic victories in Congress will, of course, be excluded), an increased commitment to swimming and a huge ramp up in making portraits just to make portraits. 

The alcohol thing isn't related to any misguided morality play or even a baseline health concern but is tied to my swim goals. I want to make several cut-off times for the USMS short course nationals later this Summer so I have to get more serious about training. Alcohol decreases oxygen uptake and retards muscle growth so giving it up is low-hanging fruit for better endurance and speed gains. 

The relaxation imperative is also aimed at swimming improvement. And general, mental well being. A more relaxed Kirk is a better sleeping Kirk and that makes for a faster swimmer.

I need to give up having to be right about being right. It's okay to just know I'm right. 

As to photography... all I can say is that I want to do far more portraits like the one above and far fewer assignments for other people/entities.

I'm pretty mellow today. I swam fast and listened to the three coaches (Two from UT and one from Harvard) we had on deck this morning. After workout I was starving so I found myself slipping through the local McDonald's drive thru for a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a large coffee. It was a smooth and quick transaction and, I'll be damned if McD's doesn't make a good biscuit. Sure, it's not at the top of anyone's diet suggestions but it was fun, tasty, easy and in line with my current idea of countering a lifelong elitism that's not conducive to being a very nice guy. 

Now, it's anything goes. But that doesn't mean I'm slowing down on Leica acquisitions. Au contraire.

I've swilled enough coffee and answered any important messages, post swim, so now it's off to the Blanton Museum for a circuit through the fine art. Maybe something good will rub off. And when I get back to HQ I need to call three or four friends I've been neglecting and take them up on their offers for lunch. 

Hope you are having a mellow day.