Photography rarely functions well as a spectator sport. And other obvious observations.

 This is an interesting week for me because I'm meeting up individually with people who follow the blog and have reached out to connect. 

Yesterday I had lunch at El Mercado with an absolutely brilliant 25 year old who just amazed me with the depth of his experience and his determination. I'm predicting he'll be someone who will rise to the top of whatever he finally chooses to do for his life's work. He's already a very, very good photographer. It was fun and intergenerationally affirming to meet someone who is poised, smart, gracious and well traveled already at his age. 

Today I met for coffee with a highly successful executive. We met at my neighborhood coffee shop and we spent nearly two and a half hours sharing in both directions. He is about ten years younger than me, a disciplined masters swimmer and a fellow Leica SL user. He might think he learned a few things from me but the truth is I always get the better part of these meet-ups. His feedback was very valuable to me and his approach to life helps me feel good about the choices I've made. Swimmers are just good people. Add a penchant for photography to the mix and you have a fun and engaging combination. 

Tomorrow I'm meeting with a long time blog reader who feels like an old friend to me even though we've only met face to face once before. He's a high tech business owner and also a highly competent photographer in his own right. 

After a year or more of sequestering it feels great to be out and reconnecting with like minded old and new friends. We all work in some sort of social feedback loop and this kind of one-on-one sharing puts a spring back in my step and helps open my mind up for new potential projects. 

After I eat my lunch of Greek yogurt, muesli, blackberries, blueberries, walnuts and water melon I'm heading downtown to work on temperature acclimation. I'm slated to start working on my wine project the second half of next week and I want to make sure I can operate efficiently in the heat; we'll be spending most of our time outdoors. (I'll be heading to the store for lots of extra sunscreen between now and then).

I think I'll take it easy on myself this afternoon and just take one of the small Fuji X100Vs with me. Yeah. That sounds about right. 

An expanding social network is always a net win. I'm smiling this afternoon.