These Sunday Photos are on a Timeline but the Timeline is Running Backwards.

5:00 pm. We were at a show at the West Chelsea Contemporary Art Gallery, waiting for Lady Pink 
to give a gallery talk about her life and her art. This is a Texas version of 
attending an art event...

 4:30 pm. Curators watching their flock...

4:45 pm. A room full of young artists captivated by Lady Pink's empowering monologue. 

Detail of an artist who paints with oils. 

recording the artist's talk.

The obligatory wide shot.

No Caption. 
But that was a caption...

Ah, the color and the look. So nice.

Gallery shoes.

Tattoo assortment pack. And lovely bokeh. 
Panasonic 50mm f1.8. Such a nice lens.

Lady Pink with artwork. 

2:30 pm. Earlier in the day I got hungry. I've been thinking about this particular construction 
since Thursday. I toasted a piece of multi-grain sourdough bread. It's a big piece. 
I covered it with chèvre (goat cheese) and then sliced up grilled, marinated artichoke hearts
and stacked them all over the top. The millennials may have a claim to avocado toast but
I'm planting the flag for artichoke toast. It's mine. 

 2:15 pm. A. T. Two.

But traveling even further back in time.....

11:45 am. After swim practice this morning (8-9) I swung by the house to pick up B. and we headed out to our friends' house in Dripping Springs. We were meeting a group of swimmers there to have coffee, pastries, some fruit, some muffins, and just to catch up and socialize. B. made almond flour scones, Lisa made cranberry muffins, Nancy made Snickerdoodles. John brought two kinds of coffee cake. I think Patty brought the giant fruit salad. We converged around 10:45 and yakked away the day until one in the afternoon. So nice to be able to socialize in person once more...

Lisa's muffins! Look at my cool, skull napkins in the background!!!!
I found them in a cabinet and had to bring them along. I also brought
ice and coffee....

B's almond flour (gluten free) scones. 
Super delicious and never too sweet. 

John's coffee cake. I just ate the late of it as I wrote this.

Patty's fruit salad. Gone in a flash.

Our host, Emmett. 

6:30 am-9am.  going back further in time....I woke up. I drank water. I swam hard. I ate a couple eggs. The day progressed from there. The photos? Where did they come from? Don't tell me you don't carry your camera around all day. Just think what you might miss....