A few more images from the TTArtisan 35mm f1.4 (for APS-C).

I wrote an addendum to my first review of the TTArtisan 35mm f1.4 lens earlier yesterday and then followed it up in the afternoon with a second part, written after spending more time with the lens and using it out near infinity. For some reason, Blogger choked and things started going haywire with the post so I pulled it down. I'm not going to re-write the entire post but thought I'd touch on just a few points here. 

Yesterday afternoon I used the lens in the recently acquired Leica CL body. I spent most of the afternoon making little "appreciation images" for the beautiful, clean blue skies, peppered alternately with puffy clouds and wispy tendrils of clouds. Mostly framed by recent architecture. With the camera set to aperture priority and the lens set mostly to f2.8 or f4.0 I was very pleased at the resolution and apparent sharpness of the lens. I was also pleased to spend an entire afternoon without having to fine tune exposures by riding the EV compensation controls. The camera seemed to deliver just what I wanted. 

The small profile of the camera and the equally petite size of the lens made for a perfect match. Almost as though the two were symbiants. In fact, I enjoyed using the combo so much that I came home looking for that "one more lens" to complete the small APS-C system. When purchasing the 35mm I read a number of reviews and in the majority of them the reviewers were surprised at how nicely the 35mm performed. I started reading reviews of another lens in the family; the 17mm f1.4 and decided it would make the perfect wide angle addition to the mini-flock. I'd been checking on the availability of that lens and kept seeing a 2-4 week delivery timeframe but when I checked A...zon after my walk I was pleased to see that they had ONE in inventory so I clicked on and ordered it on the spot.

It's pretty hard to make huge financial missteps with these particular lenses. The cost of the 35mm was a whopping $74 and the cost of the 17mm was an equally eye watering $135. About the price of a Leica SL replacement lens cap. And it should be understood that both of these were available in an L mount so I don't need to use any sort of adapter between these lenses and my Leicas, Sigma or Panasonic cameras. A nice bonus. 

In fact, I've been getting interested in switching the big SL2 to an APS-C format and seeing how the two perform on that camera. Even in the cropped mode we're looking at about 24 megapixel files sizes. That should be just right. What an interesting way to reduce the size and weight of a system...

The 17mm arrives next week. It should be a lot of fun to try out. And I think that should do me until at least the beginning of 2022. But I'm not promising anything...