The Sky Is The Limit. Endless Blue Skies Over Texas. And a "Progress Report" from Austin.

Today is wicked hot. And humid. I had stuff to do today and in a rare lapse I didn't bring a camera along with me nor did I make it to swim practice. We had to get our young one to the surgical hospital by six o'clock in the morning. That really sucked. But the procedure went well. The arm is on the mend. The boy seems to recover quickly. 

Eight a.m. was nice. B. and I had "breakfast croissants" at Central Market while we waited for news from the orthopedic team. We sat outside and enjoyed the shivery cold breeze and the mild, 83° temperature under the shade of the long porch. And that's as low as the temperature got in central Austin today. The croissants were good and since Central Market is a big, upscale grocery store they came with sides of fresh fruit salad. Nice.

I was preparing for trauma and all manner of medical panic today but apparently the combination of a really great surgeon/specialist and a twenty-six year old in ultra-marathon good condition augers well for a quick and drama-free recovery.

It's rare for me to leave the house without a camera and it's even rarer for me to go all day long without at least touching one. Truthfully though I didn't miss it. I think my cameras and I needed some alone time apart. We'd been getting too chummy lately. 

When I was clearing off the desktop I found a folder full of landscapes with very nice clouds. I thought I'd share them. They are my only point of contact with photography today... 

Downstream from Barton Springs Pool. 
Where the water is almost always 68°

Currently the ambient temp outside is 103° with a heat index of 108°
Just looking out the window watching the grass grow brittle and brown.