Too Hot to Shoot Anywhere but at the pool.

It's Summer in Austin with a vengence. My car thermometer reads 114(f) on the pavement and it's 103(f) in the shade. My favorite art director is fleeing to Scotland and leaving me to roast. So I headed to the pool and caught up with my son, Ben. I've been finishing up a book about lighting instruments and couldn't find the image I did of him last year at the pool. We needed to redo it today.

He was as cooperative as I have any right to expect from a teenager.

I was using my favorite outdoor flash camera, the Canon G10. It was connected with a good old fashioned sync cord to the Profoto 600b battery powered unit and the head was spitting photons into a 40 inch white umbrella. All good clean fun. While I only needed to sync at 1/500th you can go all the way to 1/2000th of a second if you use a non-dedicated flash. That's pretty cool.

Stay cool wherever you are.

Best, Kirk


Poagao said...

And yet everyone wants their cameras in black! Insanity!

Gordon said...

Scotland is a great place to run to at this time of year. Just spent the weekend in Idaho, was running with a hat and gloves, temps in the 40s.

Was a bit of a shock to come back to Austin at 1am and find it still 90F on Monday

Anonymous said...

Great shot. I think I saw you do something similar last year but this looks snappier and more Pool Like. Bravo. PS. bought both of your books and they are great. Have you ever thought of writing a novel?