A few more from my NYC packaging job.+Go Chaps.

I woke up this morning feeling greedy for photography.  I was up before dawn.  It was a cold, steely gray outside.  I made a quick cup of coffee, grabbed my EP-2 and headed out to shoot anything.  It all looked so fresh and sharp and alive.  When I came home around 8am I started downloading cards into my computer and I sat there wondering, as the little ball went round, what was it that compels us to spend time photographing.  Or doing art.  Or writing.  I think it's our desire to be connected and to share.
As I was cleaning up the files I sorted out my desktop and came back to this folder and decided to share a few more images from this shoot in NYC. 
So after I wrote the paragraph above I changed my whole Sunday.  Usually I walk through downtown in the afternoon and shoot for fun but today I did a studio shoot at Zach Scott Theater with an amazing actor named, Jaston Williams, one of the two famous guys from Greater Tuna!  What an incredible actor.  I can hardly wait to post process the images and show them.  Just amazing.
Then the day became downright strange.  Totally off the subject of photography.  I never watch football.  Ever.  But my kid goes to the same jr. high school that Drew Brees attended.  Drew Brees was the quarterback at Westlake High School which is where Ben will go next year for high school.  Since we felt like hometown folk we bought a few bags of chips and some different dips (bean dip, French onion, piquante sauce, etc),  I bought some beer and a bunch of root beer for Ben and we spent the evening like typical Americans.  We watched the Super Bowl.  I couldn't believe how excited we were when the Saints won.  All I can say is, "Go Chaps!"


Dave Jenkins said...

A few weeks ago, I gave you the gist of a comment by Picasso. Here's the exact quotation, as recorded by David Douglas Duncan:

“Forcing yourself to use restricted means is the sort of restraint that liberates invention. It obliges you to make a kind of progress that you can’t even imagine in advance.”

I bring this up again because I think this is the basic point you've been trying to get across for the past year or so in your various posts.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how few people have commented on this. It is amazing work.

Anonymous said...

So how are the photos related to the blog post again?

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

They are two unrelated works intertwined because I like the photos.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in the "behind the scenes" blog about the image shown above you could go to this entry which explains them in much detail: http://visualsciencelab.blogspot.com/2010/01/one-of-my-favorite-jobs-of-all-time.html

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the behind the scenes. That's a great story. Thanks!