Moments Plucked Out Of Time.

A Random shot at a wedding I did for some friends.

We think of the whole field of photography as something that moves forward with different styles but we feel that its basic nature doesn't change very much.  But I find that it isn't true.  In the past decades the core of photography seemed to be more about "discovering" truth and beauty in the world.  Now it seems more possessed with using the world as raw material.  A big canvas on which to paint with multiple flashes, filters and gimmicky techniques.  Once upon a time recognizing and capturing beauty or history sufficed.  Now that sensibility seems to have been relegated to the old box in the attic, filled with black and white prints and old flash bars.

I was photographing a wedding and I turned around to see this woman putting some powder on her face.  I tried to make a good composition.  I snapped the shot.  I'm pleased by her profile and her rapt attention to the tiny mirror in her powder case.  I love the shaft of light in the background.  Nothing needed to be lit.  Nothing needed to be post processed or HDR'd to death.  Multiple flashes would not have made the scene more tranquil and happy for me.

In fact, I liked it so much that I tried another angle and another version.

I had lunch with an art director today.  We talked about styles.  They all come back around.  I think, collectively, we've been through a visual period akin to the tequila drinking binges of college fraternity boys.  We might be ready to go back to sipping a cold beer on the back porch.    Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

"Once upon a time recognizing and capturing beauty or history sufficed."

To those who can appreciate beauty, I think it still suffices. Thank you for the two posts that appeared together and, together, feel [mentally] refreshing like that cold beer on the back porch.

I am probably an anachronism in this age, but I still prefer my black and white prints from negatives over spiffy digital "images."

I occasionally post here anonymously. But gotta tell you, your comments last year about your interest (at the time) to simplifying things and occasionally shooting film resonated with me. I have since been reading and appreciating your blog. I bought myself a film camera and went back to shooting black and white film a few months ago. It is slow. Inefficient. I miss chimping and seeing if I got the image. But I really like the idea of taking it slow, thinking about what I want to shoot [still working on that] and trying different things.

Anyways, I especially enjoy posts like today's pair of blogs. Thanks!


John krumm said...

Binge drinking is an apt metaphor. It's binge living, I guess. I like to shoot landscapes, but there's something about looking at row after row of saturated sunsets and super sharp, dramatic foregrounds online that makes me go bleh. Kind of like the art Noriega liked, the velvet paintings of kids with big eyes, usually with a tear coming down (and much of my own stuff fits in that category).