You've got to read what Michael Johnston wrote yesterday....

It's a hilarious, 26 step guide to buying just the right camera.  And you'll know his column struck a few nerves when you browse through some of the 199 comments that quickly appeared!  Internet gold.



AroundOmaha Photography said...

Classic! I've gone through most all of those stages (except full frame) and that my wife refuses to spend that much on my birthday (heck I get to make my own cake for pete's sake).

One of the reasons I read this blog more than DPReview is that after a couple years I got tired of the pixel peeping, consumerist madness which is exemplified on that site. Very few discuss photography at all.

Good advice to George on Michael's blog, and to all of us George's for that matter. Don't die the photographic death of a thousand cuts. Every DSLR owner who thinks they want to sell services or photos should be required to read your commercial photography handbook. Its like a "What Color is Your Parachute" for camera geeks.

Charles said...

His list is soo true though.

I have a friend looking at a cheap Nikon and we went out shopping. He wants a narrow depth of field for taking pictures of people (even if he doesn't know the terms) He doesn't think he'll carry around a large SLR often, so I was pointing him at m4/3s too and the 20mm lens. Currently he's borrowing my E-510 and a couple lenses to see if the size works out for him. I hope I can cut out some of the steps for him though (or at least get the D90 so he can get some of the cheaper primes)

Nicolas said...

Very smart post indeed. And funny, even for a non-native english speaker like me.