I don't usually do wedding photography..........

But I thought I'd try my hand.  Actually, this is the wedding scene from Zachscott Theater's version of "Our Town".  We shot these during the dress rehearsal.  Maybe the next step in wedding photography will be to build sets and light everything with stage lights or studio flashes.  Heck, we could even put marks on the floor with exposure info next to em.  "Stand here for f5.6 @ 1/125th ISO 400."  Produce them like we do big production ad shoots or videos.  The photos would be pretty cool.  Brides might like that.  Naw, who am I kidding?

On another note:  I was out walking today in the downtown area.  I was near the intersection of the lake and Lamar BLVD. when I actually spied a serious photographer, with a serious camera, just out messing around and taking photos for fun.  Really.  Just out in the heat and humidity having a good time.  If he reads this:  Go for it!  Good for you.

Happy Fourth of July!


Bill Millios said...

Just so you know - some high end events actually have lighting designers, who will work with the photographers / videographers to make SURE that you can get f/5.6 at 1/125th if you really need it.

Unfortunately, they don't invite the likes of you and me. :^)

There is a candlelight wedding I'm supposed to do on January 1st. I'm worried about exposure. I'm thinking of sneaking in some gelled theatre lights to increase the (apparent) ambient. Does that count?

Happy Fourth!

Alex Gardner said...

Apparently there are wedding coordinators that give a shit about lighting. Your photographs are the only reminders of a wedding and ultimately their work.

I've gotta book more $6500++ weddings in my future. ;)