A portrait from the studio.

This is Ameerah Tatum.
I met her at Zachary Scott Theatre
Where she performed the lead in a musical play called:
Once Upon This Island.
She came to the studio to be photographed.
She brought her leather jacket.
The Tri-X whirred thru the camera.  

I made prints.
Some for Ameerah and some for me.

I can't remember what we talked about but the shoot 
took an hour.

When I see this photograph her performance on stage
comes rushing back in my mind.


Broch said...

That is a beautiful image!

Anonymous said...


If you were giving that portrait (photo + words) to a stranger that would be great.

Now think about what you would write if you were giving that portrait (photo + words) to Ameerah as a gift. (you don't have to post it publicly, obviously)

What about if you were giving that portrait (photo + words) as a gift to Ameerah's family? or her partner? you get the idea

Keep up the good work.

Paul Feng said...

When photographing for pleasure, one goal (of course) can be to help us remember something - but there is the problem of the activity of taking pictures potentially interfering with the actual experiencing of the thing itself.

This still photo has great power in helping you remember, without having interfered with experiencing the performance at the time. To me, it probably would be a more valuable "souvenir" than a film of the performance would have been.