Happy Valentine's Day. Go out and photograph something fun or romantic.

Love the cookies at Sweetish Hill Bakery!

I was just thinking about a book I could recommend to my photographer friends on Valentine's Day and it came to me in a flash:  Robert Adams,  "Beauty in Photography: Essays in Defense of Traditional Values."  A great collection of essays that bring some meaning to the life of some artists.

Robert Adams collected another series of essays entitled:  "Why People Photograph."  That's a good one too.  Fleshes out why we do what we do and why it resonates with us.  The two books would make a nice set for someone trying to get the impulses figured out.

The book that I want?  Five Beautiful Women  by Victor Skrebneski.  The book I must have but can't afford?  Of course, it's Richard Avedon.  "Richard Avedon:  Made in France"  

I hope everyone has a romantic day and falls in love all over again.  Hard to fight and argue when you're happy.

(the above photograph was taken with a Leica R8 and a 90mm Summicron on color slide film).


Alex Suarez said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Juha Ylitalo said...

When I saw the photograph, I felt that I've seen same concept before. Quick search in your blog brought up the one with bagels instead of gingerbread.
I guess the one with bagels is the original idea and this is followup from that?
Like them both, but since I saw the bagels version first, I guess it is my favorite from these two options.

Debbi_in_California said...

Your assistant hasn't aged at all in 10 years!
Then it occurred to me the cookie shot was also 10 years old?
Lucky to have a cute assistant and willing to pop off her shirt
Happy valentine's day

Henrique Pereira said...

Aawesome picture. Funny, tasteful ( in the good sense) and great light. Congratulations as always.

Anonymous said...


I have a chance to buy one of your old favs, Sony R1.
What do you figure would be a fair offer?
Any thought appreciated.


kirk tuck said...

Hi Aaron, if it's in good shape then between $450 and $550. Great camera. Not for low light but for everything else.

Anonymous said...


Very much appreciated.
It's "barely" used. Asking $425 OBO, which thanks to your insight, seems about right.


Danny Chatham said...

On your post for Tuesday Jan.11 you show a photo
of the Olympus EPL2 with a lens hood,could you please tell me where to get one for my EPL2?
I would be very greatful as I have looked everywhere.