Done. Finished. Happy. Satisfied. Complete. A-Okay.

If you haven't written and photographed a book I'm here to tell you it's a sneaky undertaking.  By that I mean that it sneaks up on you, sucks away your time and energy and makes you a bit......compulsive.  So what's involved?  Well,  over 42,000 words,  a distillation of 12,000 images,  lots and lots of experimental shoots,  four very patient professional models (whom you've seen from time to time represented here in the blog.....),  approximately 260 captions and lots of time spent learning everything there is to know about buying and using LED lights for photography.

Of all the books I've written this is far and away my favorite.  It's a subject I  really wanted to write about because I think it will overwhelm and engulf the whole practice of photography over the next two or three years.  I think it will also make good video accessible to so many good photographers.  It's cool technology, literally and figuratively.  It's also available at relatively low cost for people who want to experiment with it.

For the past two weeks I've been declining social invitations, missing some swims and spending way too much time with a laptop burning my thighs.  I'm sitting here burning DVD's full of images for the people at Amherst.  In an hour or so I'm heading to the Fed Ex office to send out the whole bundle.  And that includes my hand drawn lighting diagrams.

All of a sudden the post partum depression is settling in.  What will I do tomorrow?



Greg said...

Congratulations, Kirk!

I look forward to buying the book whenever it will be available. I really need that book, as I am ready to dive all the way into LED lighting.


Anonymous said...

It must be a HUGE accomplishment for you and
Big Weight off your shoulders. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

You are amazingly prolific. Did you continue to do your photo business and all while you were writing this?

Craig said...

"What will I do tomorrow?"

Go out and shoot! Enjoy the weekend!

Wolfgang Lonien said...

Wow, congrats Kirk! I'm happy for you, and cannot wait to get the book.