Studio Coffee Break, circa 1993.

Lou and the little black dress.

It was a more civilized time.  We'd shoot for while and then stop for coffee while the assistants reloaded the film backs.  None of the jittery madness of tight scheduling and fast turnaround we "enjoy" today.  And, after a shoot, the film would be sent to the lab for processing and contact sheets.  That bought us two days of relaxation and respite.

The coffee was always hot and good.  The film always seemed to turn out fine.  And no one was in a rush.  What a delicious way to work.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. They (the photos AND the models) just keep getting better and better. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

Glenn Harris said...

This is an amazing image Kirk. Why is she looking at me that way? Her eyes just seem to be looking straight at you as if you were there.

fotoplek@yahoo.ca said...

i still prefer the "look" of the earlier work..i use digital.i simply prefer these. Loved the way of working.i'd do a model shoot, the films were picked up at a designated time. the model and i went to a lunch. Returning to the studio, a short time later, there arrived the processed chromes. i know digital is faster. its the time by the computer that both rewards and really sucks.your blog most rewarding. jason gold