New and Improved.

This is Ben from about ten years ago.  He grew up (grows up) in the studio.  Tonight he needed photos for his Spanish class.  What did he do over the summer?  We jumped up after dinner and put together a collection.  Is it cheating if your dad is a professional photographer?

Isn't photography fun?  Maybe we should step away from our keyboards and go do some more photography......bye.


Bold Photography said...

I LOVE that photo of Ben!
And so will his future girlfriends... :-)

Anonymous said...

That one's totally going in the wedding slideshow!

Low Budget Dave said...

That is a good photo. Even back then, he could strike a pose and smile.

Debbi_in_California said...

Since I'm still learning lighting I always look for the catchlights to see how something was lit....can't see any here?