So, why do I keep a Canon EOS 5Dmk2 around if I think the Nikon V1 is so hot?

Mostly because it can do this at 6400 ISO with an 85mm Zeiss 1.4 lens, wide open.  That's why.

Oh, and it can do this too.  Under the nastiest, lowest mixed florescent and tungsten household lighting you can imagine.  I can't quite do this with a V1 and though I don't do this kind of stuff that often I do like to be able to pull it off when I have too......

Rosie and the Ramblers were in the studio today, cutting a new album.  Rosie asked me to drop by and take some images for their website and promo.  She likes "real life."  So I came equipped with some fast glass and a Canon 5D2 as well as a Nikon V1.  I looked at the difference between the Nikon at 3200 and the Canon at 6400 and I put the Nikon away and shot "digital old school."

I'll keep the old stuff around for a while longer.  Is it just me or does that Zeiss 85 look good to you too?

I'm in San Antonio for the next two days shooting a hospital.  I'll be back in Austin Friday night getting ready to do my 10:15 am demo at the Austin Photo Expo Saturday morning.  I'll be the guy trying to juggle two cups of coffee.....


  1. I'm hoping Nikon comes out with with something like a 30mm 1.4 for the 1 series. Sure it won't give the shallow DOF we might want but the speed will let you use lower ISO's Actually I'm pretty impressed with the V1 at 800-1600. I expected worse.

  2. Kirk, I haven't been reading your blog for more than a few months but it's one of the few I really look forward to everyday. Interesting, insightful, humorous and engaging. Thank you for sharing you thoughts with the world.

  3. I agree, the Zeiss 85 helped you make some great looking shots! Nicely composed, processed, etc, too.

  4. Of course the Nikon wasn't suitable here: there aren't any cups! These shots have a lovely texture and intimacy. Maybe it's the Zeiss, maybe the Canon, maybe the magic.

  5. Well, the nice thing about a large sensor is the depth of field afterall. Everything is flatter on a small sensor.

  6. The large sensor coupled with an excellent lens gave a real good result. Of course your eye had his part in it, bravo!
    PS: unfortunately all the FF DSLR are so big and heavy...

  7. Just spent a few days in China which stops blogspot sites. Suffered from cold turkey withdrawal side-effects of Visual Science Lab.

    But I am glad that the medication is still available. I am now officially no longer one of the silent 'view only' majority fans pf your site.

    Like your articles on the V1. Considering it seriously.


  8. I shot about 200 images this past week with the V1. I have to admit it is better than I expected.

    As good as it is, it's not quite up to par with my Panasonic G3. Perhaps it's faster on the AF and slightly better with high iso's, but I think I can coax comparable high iso results from my m4/3s system.

    But Nikon has made a great start..no doubt. However, I think m4/3s offers better handling bodies and for sure more lens assortment.

    I'm assuming someone will make an adapter to use other lenses on the V1?? That would make it more attractive.

  9. This is an example of a portrait taken at ISO3200 with GXR-M and a manual lens (M-Rokkor 40mm f/2.0) wide open. http://flic.kr/p/aEbxBP.

    This is a bigger setup than Nikon 1, but very much smaller than you're Canon!

  10. I am about to buy the 5dmark ii after years of waiting with my rebel xt.

    I think people are waiting for the time when a manufacturer will produce a full frame compact with good lenses. Maybe that will happen with a fujifilm x300(?). I think this comes from photographers knowing that the most important thing with getting a shot is having the camera. Recently I have made more of a commitment to bringing the camera with me, and bringing the 5d will be even more of a commitment, but I am eagerly waiting for the beautiful low light results.


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