Prove it.

I love to read the forums.  Everyone's an expert.  They dissect photography like it's physics.  It's all talk and conjecture.  Looking for the magic bullet that will make their pictures something more than sharp whiskers on a cat or an ultra-fluffy HDR sunset.  They talk about "per pixel sharpness" and "nyquist" and "Fournier" and "Bayer Array" this and that and all sorts of other stuff than means something if you are making a camera and absolutely nothing if you are shooting a camera.  They stake their hopes on DXO and math.

And if quantifiable analysis created art we'd be surrounded by masterpieces.  We'd be begging for mediocrity. We'd be overwhelmed.  But no matter how cool and sharp and noiseless the cameras become it's all just so much bullshit until we put something wonderful in front of the lens and push the button at just the right time.  That's the only set of metrics that matter.

You're a photographic genius?  Show me the work.

Agfapan 25 APX.  Hasselblad 2003.  150mm 2.8F.