When language obscures thought.

I hate language that's too finnicky and overly precise.  I think a story told should be more exciting than accurate.  I think we wrap too much caveat and limits of liability into our descriptions and narratives.  But, by the same token I resent and despise the seemingly relentless desire of mass culture to abbreviate.  A particularly foul Brittish language tic is the abbreviation of University to "uni."  Like fingernails on a chalk board.  But the worst abbreviation I've come across in my field is "togs."  I guess it started as a "hash tag" on Twitter but it should be stamped out at every opportunity.  "Photogs" is no better but slightly more sensible.

Please,  when commenting on my blog, try to use actual words that have actual meaning.  No more "uni" and please, please, no more "togs."  It's not cute or clever.  It's just wrong.  University.  Photographer.

For the Biblically inclined I would reference the Tower of Babel.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could continue to understand each other while speaking exactly the same language?