New and Improved.

This is Ben from about ten years ago.  He grew up (grows up) in the studio.  Tonight he needed photos for his Spanish class.  What did he do over the summer?  We jumped up after dinner and put together a collection.  Is it cheating if your dad is a professional photographer?

Isn't photography fun?  Maybe we should step away from our keyboards and go do some more photography......bye.

From geeky to creaky. The progression of life.

From black Canon AE-1 with a normal lens to an Olympus EPL1 with a normal lens in 30 short years.  Progress?  Entropy?  Real life?

The important thing is to keep shooting and don't look back!  We are not spectators in our own lives.  It's how we take control that makes a difference.

EP3 tags along with a real camera. Shots for business and shots for fun.

I've been working on an annual report for a roadway authority for the better part of a month now.  A day here and a day there as it works out.  Fine with me.  It's nice to have a break between shoots to take care of other business and do good pre-production planning.  Today we were out at a location where several large construction companies are building a massive interchange.  Lots of steel and concrete and big machines.  We were shooting soaring construction images to use as backgrounds for executive photos.  Seemed like a good idea to me, especially when the execs were only really available on days when the temperatures soared....