Interior with Nikon D100. How did we ever survive?

Kitchen.  The Nokonah Condominiums.  Nikon D100.  17mm Tamron lens.  Some light.

New Career!!!! Teaching people at serious companies how to play air guitar.

Working on a Holiday Card for a client of nearly 10 years.  Putting together the card with a background illustration and 70 individual people photographs sprinkled through.  Someone needed to make the scientists and engineers smile and laugh.  I was showing someone my air guitar technique when "Lightning Reflexes" Amy Smith grabbed a Canon 1dsMk2 and popped a couple shots.  If you can't be silly you really shouldn't be around other people.  Arch seriousness is just annoying.....

Interplay of Dark and Light.

Agfapan APX100.  Leica R8.  90mm Summicron.  Printed on Agfa Portriga Rapid.  The film, paper, camera and lens are no longer made.  This is officially an antiquity.  I can't make the same photograph with a newer camera and newer materials.