Bringing "outside" into the studio.

Showing off heat shrink cable insulators for 3M.  In studio.  
4x5 inch Linhof Technikarden view camera.
240mm Symmar lens.
Studio Electronic flash.
Key feature:  Dirt Styling.



  1. I love this shot... even if I think it looks like you're digging up an alien fossil...

  2. Nice shot - the blue goo adds a certain creative twist. Whenever I'm photographing a subject that I know little about, I worry about making a palm-to-forehead mistake that reveals my ignorance, like when a model holds up a camera without a viewfinder up to his/her eye.

    1. Yeah, me too; although nowadays it's more likely they'd be holding a DSLR out in the "dirty diaper" stance.

  3. RTFTRJ = Right Tool For The Right Job ?

  4. I've used 100's of feet 3M heat shrink tubing over the years, it's great stuff but it took a few minutes for the idea that the blue was water to sink in. Mud to me would have been more informative but not a pretty if you can say that about the subject.


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