Go see Ken Tanaka's article about the Olympus "paradigm shifter" at TOP


He writes well and, more importantly, I like what he writes.

Gamechanger.  Coming (some day) to a store near you.


  1. After 20 years of really nearly no shooting (before that I took some pics with my Canon AE-1) and some 7 Years with mostly the Canon IXUS 430 (that I clearly see in front to my C-5060 Olympus, because this one seduced me all the time to shoot in RAW and that means 15 seconds of waiting time there!), my personal GAMECHANGER is the Olympus E-PL 1.

    I love my E-Pl 1 so much, that Wolfgang Lonien now convinced me to start my own weblog:
    Can´t make a post every day, but perhaps one post per month. I would feel so honored if you want to pass by... First post is about selective AF on one special eye. I think Wolfgang and also you wrote about that in February or so...

    I am a reader of your weblog for three months now. Thank you for the work you put in that!

  2. It's been 14 days since I ordered my Oly OM-D E-M5, and the phone still ain't ringing from Precision Camera....

  3. Olympus & Leica--a match made in heaven. I wish Olympus had come up with their own 25mm standard lenses for this camera, it would be so much nicer than that big 12-50 kit lens, that seems so out of place on that camera.

    Even a Zuiko 25mm f/2, with the IQ of the 50mm f/2 macro, would have been wonderful.

    1. Right on the spot Ron - but I wish the same one existed for regular Four Thirds...

    2. Yes. F2 always seemed like the sweet spot to me, for size vs. speed.
      Seems to have gone out of fashion.


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