Just finished breakfast and I'm already thinking about lunch. And the Sony 30mm Macro Lens.


Vegetarian Picadillo

 Plating the puerco. 

I recently posted a blog about shooting food for a new Austin restaurant called, El Naranjo.  I came across these images today as I was virtually tidying up and I took a closer look at the lens with which I photographed them, the Sony 30mm Macro (DT).  It only covers the APS-C format but that really doesn't concern me at the moment since all my Sony cameras are smaller sensor cameras.  I'll re-think my lens inventory if I decide to buy the once rumored, now confirmed, full frame Sony when it comes out. (I spoke directly with a Sony representative over the weekend and he absolutely confirmed that the full frame body was coming. I inferred from the finer points of our conversation that Sony is testing two versions, at the moment.  One is based on a 36 megapixel sensor, ala Nikon, while the other is based on a much enhanced 24 megapixel sensor.  Sony seems to be trying to gauge where the greater demand is:  Ultimate noise performance or ultimate resolution.  I hope they come down on the noise performance side, not because I need a much quieter camera but because I like the workflow reality of smaller raw files...).

The Sony 30mm Macro has two things going for it:  Price ($199) and "on sensor" performance.  But it has two things going against it: A loud and grabby autofocus motor and a cheap overall finish.  I like using the lens in manual focus mode, with focus peaking, so that just leaves the aesthetic deficiencies to grapple with.   Grappling complete.  I like the lens enough to overlook the last century plastic finish.  In fact, it may become a new fashion statement of downsizing.  1970's Russian industrial chic.

So, back to the important issues: Where have I decided to go for lunch?  My friend, Mike, and I are headed to Maria's taco express on S. Lamar.  The picadillo tacos are always good and I can get one enchilada verdes on the side.  Sold.  Hope your monday is hopping.


  1. Ceviche and a bottle of Negra Modelo is always a good snack. Now that you've reminded me, guess I'll have to run over to La Pradera Carniceria, and get some. Carnicerias, are another good reason to live in SoCal :-)


  2. "In fact, it may become a new fashion statement of downsizing."

    The tourist look is always in style.

  3. I wish Sony understood people would gladly pay $100 or $200 more for real lens construction and real autofocus. The "toy finishing" feel of most DT lens is a shame -_-

  4. I feel really hungry looking at those shots. It was almost 10 years since I visited the Lone Star state and enjoyed such delicacies. No chance of finding similar food like that where I live in England sadly.

    Another trip to visit my uncle in Waco is long overdue methinks. :-)


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