Enduring Beauty. An afternoon portrait session.

I first photographed Lou nearly twenty years ago.  You've seen her portraits from that era on the Visual Science Lab many times. We had the chance to work together again, this afternoon. When she walked into the studio I thought she had been frozen in time.  Once in a great while  you run across a natural beauty. It can knock the breath out of you.

Lou Lofton is the author of, Warren Buffett Invests Like Girl, And Why You Should Too.  She was an analyst and writer for the Motley Fool financial website and.....she was Ben's very first babysitter.

The portrait above was taken with a Sony a77 camera and the 70-200mm f2.8 G zoom lens. ISO 50.  Lighting: Elinchrom Ranger RX AS with a 72 inch Fotodiox umbrella and diffuser.

I also used a Nikon D3200 and a Hasselblad MF film camera during the session.


  1. I've said this before, Kirk, and I'll say it again: You are privileged to photograph some of the most interesting and beautiful people I have ever seen. You are one of the most skilled portrait photographers I have ever had the pleasure of "knowing." And that A77, at least with the right lens, seems to encroach on medium-format territory. I can't afford an A77 right now but I think I may spring for the A65.

  2. Yes, Lou is beautiful - and it's good to know, or at least I hope it that she's also successful. Great job as always Kirk!

  3. You said "was an analyst and writer for the Motley Fool...". I read her book and many of her fool posts. So, can you tell us what she is doing now? ...besides looking great in your portraits :-)

  4. Sean, She is still writing for the Motley Fool and working on books. She is now freelancing instead of on staff.


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