Street Photo for Father's Day.

Street shot from San Antonio.  Originally created on color slide film and then scanned on an Epson V500 Photo flatbed scanner.

It's coming up next saturday. Father's day. I can hardly wait. I haven't been at all subtle. I've been leaving little hints all over the house. Notes on the front door.  Notes on the bathroom mirrors. Even notes on the TV screen.  My wants are simple, my needs even simpler. I've worked hard to be a good dad and I'm ready to sit back and be showered with teenage appreciation.

So, besides a $50  cash loan (shot in the 1980's....) what's on the list?

I'm looking for just a few upgrades.  To start with a new MacBook Pro with a retina screen would be nice but it's a little bit out of the price range capabilities of a non-working 16 year old.  So I've made some adjustments...

I would like to get my hands on an OMD EM-5.  I'm still resisting getting one for myself because I want to see what else hits the market this summer, but, if someone were to buy me a black one as a father's day present I couldn't bear to return it....

And while I'm at it I've heard some nice things about the Panasonic 14mm lens.  But if you're going to get me the 14mm you might as well get it with the GF-3 body because it's not that much more.

I can always use another one of those great Fotodiox 312AS LED panels that changes color temperature.  One can never have too many and they're great for quick lighting set ups.  But I wouldn't protest if Ben and his mom went in together to pop for a Lowell Prime light...

I lent a fellow photographer three of my Elinchrom D-Lite 4's and it caused me to realize that five would be better than four when it comes to lighting inventory.  The D-Lites have been flawless performers at a small price.  Nice to have one more back up.

I know this  will come as no surprise to long time readers but----the Nikon D3200 has piqued my interest.  24 megapixels and a lens for only $699?  Freakin unbelievable.  And as I'm on record having said,  "There's no law that says you can't have more than one really cool camera."  Just to  experiment with, you know...

If the OMD EM5 doesn't make the cut could we settle for one more EP-3?  I need something to hang the 12mm lens on when I'm carrying multiple bodies for shoots...

Do I think Ben is going to go for any of the stuff above? Naw, but I can always dream.

I think the real trick for father's day is memory cards.  They're scalable and always in fashion.  I'd like a few more of the Transcend 16 gb SD cards.  But if money is an issue I'll be happy with more 8's.

And I'd like one more set of Eneloop double A batteries, if possible.

Wait, wait, I forgot that I wanted a new table top tripod and a few umbrellas.

Ah well.  Maybe a necktie with a picture of a Leica on it and a hand drawn card.  That would work too.

Quick note on scanning.  I do all of my scans, both print and film ( medium format and 35mm) on an ultra cheap Epson V500 scanner.  I used their canned software as well.  I am very happy with the results I get and don't want anything better.  If there's any interest from people who still have film then let me know and I'll write a piece on how I scan stuff.  I've heard the v700 is a bit better.  But I haven't tried it..

I have one suggestion for every father on your list:

Coming up soon....


  1. "I have one suggestion for every father on your list..."

    Time to go take pictures!!! Time.

  2. Kirk I Would definitely be interested in your scanning process.

  3. Also interested in your scanning process for film.
    I also use a V500 but I use the Vuescan software and I think I've got it down well but it's always good see other peoples processes.

    while your at it can you add some info on how "you" colour correct scans from colour negative film. since everyone does that differently too.


  4. I would also be interested in an article on how you scan

  5. Kirk I too would love to read about your scanning!

  6. A piece on scanning with the V500 would be great. I use that same scanner and have had mixed results. Black and white film no problems, Kodak Gold 200 scans really well, but I am having a hell of a time getting a nice scan from Ektar 100.

    The Panny 14mm is a real nice lens. Very tiny, sharp even wide open, nice color rendition and focuses quickly. I got mine on ebay, from China, for $160. Noticeably better image quality than the 14-42 kit lens. Close focuses very nicely too if that's your thing. If you've got an Oly OM to m43 adapter, try out the M.Zuiko 50mm 1.4 on your EP-2. Awesome results, every bit as good as any DSLR out there. This lens and the Panny are keeping me with m43. I just need a VF2 for Father's Day and I'm good.

  7. I would also be interested in your take on scanning. Most of my attempts end up being over complicated messes. I started simply enough with a CanoScan 8800F but it seems to have issues with the focus on scanning negatives, so I bought a rather expensive Minolta 5400 II Elite that I used once and got scan-shy.

  8. yes please to Kirk's scanning ways.

    thanking you in great anticipation, :-)

  9. Kirk I'd love to read about your colour neg and slide scanning workflow. I've been using the V500 and if there's no gray in the image I can't even get close to the right colours.

  10. Ahh fathers day, an interesting day. My wants are pretty simple, good weather for a bike ride/open water swim, a leisurely breakfast with my family, a day spent playing and then a cook out put together with my girls.
    Gifts however would be warmly appreciated.
    Anyway, I too have lots of slides & negs that need to see the light of day (or at least the light of the LCD monitor again) and I would like to hear your thoughts and techniques for film scanning. Especially useful would by why a flatbed scanner vs. a film scanner and what you do with the scans (print, screen only etc.)

  11. Mark me down also for a scanning article. I have the V500 as well, but use VueScan, but like many it's confusing.

  12. Yes, please, on the scanning article. I'm about to pull the trigger on my first medium format rig, so it will become very relevant soon.

  13. I am always interested in how people scan but my main point of interest is in the stuff you rarely shoot: colour negative film. I find the guys that write about it can't do it well and the guys who are really good at it don't write about it.


  14. You get better results with your Epson V500 than I do with my V700. I'd love to hear your workflow and tips.


  15. I have been eyeing the 14mm on ebay also. Hard to beat the price. I am surprised it interests you after your "I love 50mm" proclamation. I think they are all good. Lately, I am confining myself to my OM-1n and 50/1.4 (really nice lens) and Tri-x. Who knows what next week will bring?

  16. Count me in. Is the V500 capable of scanning 35 mm Kodachrome slides to a printable file size? Will it handle them in their cardboard carriers, or do the transparencies have to be removed first?

  17. Would love the article on your scanning technique. I am looking at both the V500 and V700. My present scanner is getting a little bit long in the tooth, and I'm going back to MF film soon. Well not totally going back. But I'll be shooting actively. Thanks!

  18. PLEASE! Do the article on your film scanning technique. I have a large collection of negatives and transparencies from the 70's and later that I would like to convert to digital.

    Another Dean


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