Square portrait. Black and White.

I met Ameerah Tatum at a theater years ago and asked her to come into the studio for a portrait.  We shot a number of variations but I liked this more serious side of her.  A year later she left Austin to tour Europe as a musician and actor.

I printed this from a 6x6 cm. black and white negative onto Agfa Portriga Rapid #3 paper and toned it in a mild selenium toner.  The image was made with a Hasselblad ELX and a 180mm f4 Zeiss Planar lens.

The lighting consisted of a four foot by six foot softbox from one side several wide grid spots on the background.

I like the way portrait composition works in the square...



  1. Agfa Portriga Rapid and dilute selenium toner. Jeez that brings back the days of my youth.

    Nice work!

  2. Lovely portrait Kirk. You have your own unique style.

  3. Great portrait Kirk. 6x6 + B&W film, photographic utopia.


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