Simple light works well.

I get lots of e-mail asking me to talk about tricky lighting with multiple, radio slaved flashes but the reality is that I prefer simple, one light set ups for most stuff.  And most of my personal portraits are lit by only two lights and a reflector. I think there is something valuable about mastering one or two lights before even considering all the tricky and blingy lighting set ups one sees on the web or in books the raison d' ├ętre of which is to sell glorified lighting diagrams.

One umbrella. One light. One small reflector. Old, black and white film shot.


MichaelT said...

For a lighting newbie what would that setup look like? Or which one of your books covers this two lights and a reflector setup? Can it be done with LEDs? Thanks!

Kirk Tuck said...

The best book for this would be the second book, Minimalist Lighting: Professional Studio Techniques. And it could be done easily with the right LED panel.