Not back yet, but I liked two things today.

Someone sent me a thank you for this article published in 2011 and I had forgotten all about it. I like the article and since we have so many new readers I thought I'd put the link here for fun:


It's an essay on how I shoot some portraits.

The second thing I found out today is that the batteries for my brand new Sony a99 work flawlessly in my older Sony R1. And in reverse, the R1 batteries charge right up in the a99 battery charger. That means no more "in-camera" battery charging for R1 batteries. I like the whole concept of backward compatibility. Just thought I'd let the R1 owners out there know...

Stay warm. Stay safe. Have fun.


  1. Thanks Kirk - that year old post is still well worth the read.

    You have to be getting pretty close to the point where you have enough of those kinds of essays that they could be reworked and expanded into a book, no? If I may make so bold as to suggest a title, what about _Subject Matters: The Art and Craft of Photographing People_?

  2. When I bought my R1, I also bought a stand-alone batter charger from Sony. I've sold that kit now so I don't have the charger part number anymore. The folks at "www.alphamountworld.com" might know.

  3. That means if I ever purchase an A99 I can use my R1 as a standalone battery charger.
    Miss you Kirk.


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