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I like Michael Reichmann's latest essay. It touched on a some themes I like. To wit: That we've achieved a technical plateau with excellent tools and processes, and now it's time to concentrate on the actual images. Here's what he writes: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/essays/why_what_works.shtml

I was walking last week and I noticed this stack of paper on a table next to a downtown trailer that sells coffee. It was a Sunday New York Times. It brought back to me the memory of buying our copy from Watson's bookstore in Clarksville (an older Austin Neighborhood), getting coffee and pastries from Sweetish Hill Bakery and then sitting out on the lawn in front of the bookstore and having a leisurely read. Belinda and I would swap sections and the magazine and jostle each other to point out interesting stuff. It's been years since I bought a paper copy. I read the NYT on my iPad while I'm waiting for the family to wake up. It all changes.

Sometimes I'll find an article that Ben will like or that my friend, Paul, might need to read and I'll send them links.

The thing I really miss about the paper copy is the Sunday Magazine. It's not the same to me on the iPad or even on my bigger monitor. But life is a process of adapting to change.

on other fronts: I've been battling a common cold for the last week and it's kept me out of the pool and away from the running trail. I am happy to report that I got back into the pool this morning and swam the masters workout with about 30 other hard working swimmers. All before the sunrise.

I'm celebrating by tossing a random swim photo onto the blog:

Backstroke Start. UT Pool.

Prince Rainier Swim Pool. At the Harbor in Monte Carlo. A great place to swim laps....

2010 Masters Indoor Nationals. UT Pool.

2010 Masters Indoor Nationals. UT Pool.

2010 Masters Indoor Nationals. UT Pool.

2010 Masters Indoor Nationals. UT Pool.

2010 Masters Indoor Nationals. UT Pool.

Some camera notes from the weekend: I shot video interviews for Zachary Scott Theatre with the Sony a99 camera on Sunday. The footage looked amazingly good to me. Very sharp and beautiful tones. The camera's front mounted audio level controls worked well and the Sennheiser wireless microphones I used were really good. I hope the editor for the project will have a series of PSAs that we can roll out on the site over the course of the week. 

I also used Sony a57 camera on a shoulder mount and was very happy with its performance as well. More as I settle back into the office.

Finally: My big job this morning is to write thank you notes to the eight team members of a high tech company that helped facilitate my two days of shooting with their CEO, last week. The jobs were fun. It's my reminder to my fellow freelancers out there not to put off thanking their clients. I don't know if it works for everyone but I sure love it and it makes me all warm and tingly when I get a nice thank you note from an assistant or second shooter I've just worked with....


  1. I still get the paper, and really do enjoy the tactile feel of it. Even the smell. Even the ink on my fingers. There really is nothing like sitting down with a coffee to read it on a Sunday morning...

  2. Wow, I love that head jump photo, the 2nd last overall. And good to read that you're better.

  3. Hi Kirk,
    A year or two of reading your posts about swimming inspired me to start swimming for exercise, which I have been doing for a couple of months. Maybe someday you can do a totally OT post with some advice for beginning swimmers.
    thanks, Jeff

    1. Jeff, Thanks. I'll write that post someday soon. So much to talk about there.

    2. Kirk,
      I look forward to that post. It has been 4@#&()years since I last swam in college and it is time to get back in the water. Given all the changes in training and mechanics I need to think like a beginner.
      Thanks in advance.

  4. I recently dropped USA Today after 25 years. Couldn't stand their "new and improved" graphics and smaller print. I do prefer actually holding a paper, book or magazine to the electronic alternative. Then again, I'm OLD !


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