Re-reading an article about EVFs on theOnlinePhotographer...


From time to time I get e-mail from people who aren't understanding the appeal the EVFs (electronic viewfinders). I wrote the article above for Michael Johnton's the online photographer. I think the fun thing about the article is all the commentary following it.

If you don't know Michael's blog.....you should.


  1. EVF's are amazing. I really can't to see how good they are two years from now. I just hate them when using strobes and cameras with EVF's tend to have crappy battery life.

  2. I love EVF's, except for that variable lag thing. I have enough trouble capturing the moment without thinking about how far ahead to hit the shutter release, depending on the lighting conditions. If I shot more under more varied light, it would probably become second nature, but I don't see that changing any time soon. Granted that EVF's are better now than when I went back to an OVF three years ago, but I'm still going to sit out another generation or two before I jump back in.

  3. I saw the EVF on Sony's new full frame at CES. It was pretty amazing in terms of quality. My friend didn't even realize it was an EVF, until I pointed it out. The only bummer is the full frame is pretty heavy.

  4. The Sony a99 is the lightest professional, full frame camera on the market... The lack of a pentaprism helps a lot.


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