"Sometimes, Soft is a Good Thing."

Wright Bros Dairy Truck, by Kirk Tuck

When I walk around with my camera I like to photograph the silly topical things I see, like this food trailer/truck just off 3rd St. When the food trailer fad fades it will be a nice reminder of what downtown Austin used to offer. I also like double entendres. 

Nex 6. 50mm. 


  1. My question, Kirk, is what do you do with your "walk around" pictures. I ask, because I make the same kind of pictures, not as good as yours, of course, but good enough to satisfy my soul. And then I try to make the best print I can and when I am satisfied I put it on top of the 2 foot high pile of similar pictures under my printer. A few have been framed and cover all available wall space in my home and office. But the pile rarely gets looked at. I would rather make new work than review old. And I shouldn't complain because I have already had my satisfaction in the making of them. But I cannot bring myself to put them in the recycle bin. Do you have any thoughts? Jerry Kircus

    1. I narrow it down to the best images, save them as tiffs on a DVD and put them in a box. When I remember something I want to use I look it up in my LIghtroom catalog and then go find the original. I just shoot them for fun but years later they seem different and more interesting. Short answer? I don't know either.

  2. Many things, and many photographs are just "normal" when they are made. But it will be later when they will become interesting. Times change and when we are in the transition we do not realize it. But later, months or years we'll see the difference in the things around us, the shape of cars in a parking place, or the colors of women dresses or ...and it will be in that moment that our "normal" photos become special!


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