Making portraits of people you find captivating is like trying to explain how joy works in life. And none of the little details matter in the least.

Ring light. Nikon D2x. A photograph. My studio. 2007.


Claire said...

Love the bedhair ;)
You've graced us with portraits of that beautiful lady in the past, and I totally concur on the "captivating" tag. And, trying to explain beauty to those who are immune relates a bit to trying to prove DOF advantage of large sensors to m4/3 users, a frustrating and fruitless experience, lol. Either you see it, or you don't, there's no someone "explaining" it to you. I'm grateful I see both ;-)

Dave said...

I always start my day to see if there will be randomness at VSS. Love it.

The model reminds me of a cross between Hillary Swank and Halle Berry but then again I see odd things in clouds and psychological ink spot tests :)

Michael Matthews said...

A.Z. could have become the new Lou, based on the earlier photos.

Ring light? Another topic.

Kirk Tuck said...

There's only one Lou. But AZ is wonderful in her own "light"

Ring lights? A passing interest of a client.

Michael Matthews said...

You're right, of course. Thoughtless overstatement on my part.

I should learn to think before I type.

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