My Free Portrait Course has been live on Craftsy.com for two weeks and already 14,000+ people have taken it.

Victoria. From my first Craftsy.com class: Studio Portraits.

I've been having a lot of fun with the people at Craftsy.com. They are an online education platform that's making fast inroads into photography and I've been along, as on camera talent, for the ride this year. 

Right now they are offering three courses that I helped to concept and create. One of them is being offered free of charge in order to promote what is for them a new category. 

If you are interested in sampling their style of on line teaching I would encourage you to give the free course a try. It's an almost two hour program which you can come back to again and again. I don't get everything just right but I think that adds to the reality factor of being a full time, professional, working photographer. 

The class level may be a bit "entry level" for many of our readers but you probably know a lot of folks who are just starting out in photography. The ones who call and bug you for free advice all the time.....  Please pass along the link to them and free up some time for yourself.... They'll probably thank you.

Here is a link to one of my paid classes: Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling

If you want to try the paid class there is no risk as Craftsy.com has a money back satisfaction guarantee. If you take one of the classes I'd like to hear your feedback. I know I'm shorter than I write and my voice is funny....but what are you going to do?


Anonymous said...

That's an insane number of people. 14,000? Amazing.

Michael Matthews said...

I watched the free course and enjoyed it. Interesting to see that I'm not the founder of the "garage lighting" school. It seemed the logical approach to photographing my wife's paintings for making digital prints.

Thanks, too, for the heads up on sale prices for Panasonic gear. My budget for the year is gone, alas.

Don Boys said...

I watched the free course and signed up for the studio portrait class. Both were excellent. I did learn that my mediocre internet (pay for 1.5 Mb, but never get it) was not good enough on my 20" iMac, but much better performance on my iPad. Rarely get a freeze.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to see you in person.

I don't believe you show how you get the correct exposure, but that's not a big issue for me. I look forward to signing up for your other class soon.


Ryan Stinn said...

I went through your free course and I thought it was really well laid out and interesting.
I think you do a great job of just being silly to try to get the youngest kid to pay attention. That I know would be hard for me so it was good to see someone I consider a "serious" photographer doing it.
Also in response to your newest post I just ordered an a77+16-50 when it was on $200 off and then it just went on $300 off...what a world.

Ash Crill said...

Thanks for this course Kirk.

I am excited to watch it and get some learning in during the holiday break.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is more amazing: the volume and quality of the tips, techniques, and lessons you deliver, or how different your whimsical and friendly on-screen persona is from the rawhide-and-rattlesnake Texan you are in your writing.
Which is the real Kirk? Or are you both?

Michael Robbins said...

I watched it last night. Yeah, funny voice ;). Enjoyed it. Basic but still picked up a few very good tips and am tempted to take the other classes. What surprised me most is the goofy manner actually worked on Dean. You got his attention when needed and that is what counts. The comments section is clever, it mirroed what I was thinking if you are wondering about concensus question re: flash etc. All in all, good.

Michael Robbins said...

Separately, given your experience I wonder if you could answer me something. Having lots of trouble blowing out highlights and losing shadow detail since I shifted to digital. Any advice at all would be welcome. If ND is the answer then which have you used. I live in a v bright place, probably similar to Texas...