VSL Executive Team performs embarrassing victory dance! Winner: Top Class of the Year at Craftsy.com

Hi All, 

I just got this in my e-mail folder from Craftsy.com! My class, Family Photography, is the Top Class of this year. I am amazed as we just launched this class in November. Nearly 1,000 people have signed up in the last six weeks. The graphic below was saved as a Jpeg for the links aren't live but here's a live link if you want to go and see what all the fuss is about: Kirk's Class!

There are two other classes. One is Studio Portraits and the other is the Free Class on Family Photos.
Check them out. (They're cheaper than a workshop and you can repeat them over an over again if you need to at no additional cost!).

This award is a fun way for me to end up the year. I hope you'll sample one or more of the classes and I hope you come back to the blog for more fun give and take in 2014.  Thanks!  Kirk

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Top class this year
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Top class this year
Praise for Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling
"What a great class! Kirk is an excellent instructor, and I learned so much. Thanks Kirk!"
– Craftsy Member Miss Regtien
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk - I took your freebie class at Craftsy, and if your pay-for class is like the other, I do not doubt that a lot of folks are signing up for it, and enjoying it. Could be a lot of people are doing because they got cameras for Christmas, or in anticipation for the holidays. Anyway, congratulations!

atmtx said...

Congratulations, Kirk!

Michael Matthews said...

A well-earned success. The world awaits Kirk's take on Lightroom and Photoshop. Yes, the marketplace is piled high with videos on this subject -- but where else can you get such an engaging and articulate instructor?

Anonymous said...


Kudos to you Mr.T. What else is in the pipeline??

John W

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kirk! I have only seen the free class and it was very nicely helpful, so I can imagine how the other is so much liked. Would be great if you could do a class on portraits with minimal light (as in on-camera flash), as your portraits are always so beautifully done.

Thanks also for keeping the blog going, I have been following it for a couple of years, and it is always a pleasure to read.

Happy New Year!

Paul Gero said...

Well Done Kirk!

Happy New Year!

Murray Davidson said...

Hi Kirk,
Well done. I haven't taken the Family course yet - I did sign up for and follow the studio course which I enjoyed. Was a bit like your books were coming to life :-) having you talk and move around. Would thoroughly recommend that course to fellow readers.

Mark W. said...

Congratulations from a happy Craftsy customer. I also enrolled in your studio portrait lighting class. Both classes are very good. Thank you.

Mark W.

Kirk Tuck said...

Thanks everyone! It's a nice way to end the year. I hope they invite me back again in 2014 to do a few more classes...

A. Costa said...

Congratulations! And Best Wishes for next yaer!