Photographing Art Historians.

I was asked to photograph the art history faculty for the University of Texas College of Fine Arts. I did. This is one.


  1. I want a portrait photograph and I want it to be like this one. This is a simply gorgeous photograph. Well done and I'll be in contact to book your time.

  2. I agree with Anonymous. One of your best so far I'd say. Sadly, booking you would be quite expensive for me (count in the trip from Germany to Texas)...

  3. Well, hmmm. First, I'm not a professional photographer, never have been, second I'm looking at a web photo for crying out loud. Having said all that and always willing to make a fool of myself in case I might learn something - that portrait just looks... odd. The guy has white spots on his suit, and the grain/noise in the shadows reminds me of my R1 when I push it too far. And overall just looks... odd. Are you testing us with this one??


    Ray H.


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