Maybe I am thinking much more along the lines of what I see in this project (motion/film/video):


Hope you are having a nice Thursday. Any time to go out today and look at stuff?


Anonymous said...

I saw Visitors. Visually stunning but to many people (including myself), it will be completely boring.

theaterculture said...

Thanks for posting.

Raises some interesting thoughts regarding your idea about short a video-snapshot-portrait artform, especially since it's hard (at least for me) to think of Reggio's work existing without Glass's music.

Jim said...

It's nice (meaning the sun is shining) in NNY but the thermometer is stuck at -4°. I shall busy myself matting and framing several prints to be entered in a juried show, a project that will undoubtedly cost me more than I can have any hope of receiving back even if I were fortunate enough to win a prize. And yes, I often ask myself why I engage in this process. So far I have no satisfactory answer.

Frank Grygier said...

It does pull you in. I can see you using your lighting skills and the rapport you have with your subjects to create imaginative and compelling motion portraits.

Mike Rosiak said...

To Jim,
My wife and I are each involved in the same project as you. Three shows in the next 4 weeks. Why do this?

A. It's fun.
B. It answers the question, "What do you DO with all the pictures you take?"

I spent some quality time this morning in LR, making a print. And just now, shot some "test" images to compare two old Minolta lenses, both 50mm, one f1.4, the other f1.7. One of 'em will go on eBay.

John M Flores said...

I remember seeing koyaanisqatsi and being blown away by the sheer visual overload. It wasn't a box office hit, but it was the kind of movie that influenced a generation of visual artists (cinema, photography, graphic design, etc...).

You might want to play around with the Nikon V1 again. Some folks are doing some interesting 4K video by using it's 60FPS mode.