A wild morning at the pool. Fun with crowds.

Warm Up Lanes at Masters Nationals. UT. 2008.

I was gone for most of last week and one of the things I missed most (besides Studio Dog) was getting in the pool and swimming like crazy every morning. Didn't have time to find a pool in Denver; heck I didn't have time during those math days to swim even if I had found a pool. So I was excited about getting back to the routine this morning. 

I got up early, drank a big glass of water, brushed my teeth and headed to the pool. I was ten minutes early but people were already pulling into the parking lot and rustling their swim bags out of their cars. 

I hopped in lane three and started swimming the warm-up 400 with Julia. In short order four other people hopped in and we swam in the standard, counterclockwise circle: up on the right, back on the right. When we finished the warm up I looked around the pool and was amazed to find six or seven people in every lane. Now this is not a 50 meter pool, this is a 25 year pool so circle swimming works best if everyone in each lane is about as fast as everyone else in their lane. We had good lane synergy today. 

Coach Chris (he's the one who does the really hard, early workouts on Tues.) immediately recognized the heavily populated dynamic and wrote a bunch of sprint sets. That worked well since there's a chance to regroup often. While we didn't get as much yardage in we did swim at a faster clip and it was good to see that fiercely independent adults could efficiently share lanes and make adjustments without metaphorically stepping on each other's toes (there were literal but unintentional episodes of stepping on each other's toes....). 

An early morning swim makes every day seem more efficient. When I got back to the studio I was ready to tackle today's work load. Just helps to get warmed up and focused. 

Photographic note: Have I mentioned that I'm enjoying shooting with the GH4? 

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Mark Zaig said...

Hi Kirk, I have been using the Yongnuo units for a while, and as you say, they are great, especially for the price. Now however, I am using Godox V850's which have a removeable recharcheable battery that gives around 600 pops per charge (YMMV) and are radio controllable with an inexpensive controller that allows you to change output levels on up to 16 different units. A bit more expensive than the Yongnuo units but they include the battery. Also, the same radio controller can simultaneously control the bigger Godox Wistro AD180 & 360 units, which are "bare-bulb" battery powered strobes, if you need a bit more juice, i.e. outdoors in sunlight or with a bigger softbox (AD360 is equivalent to approx four SB600's). All very portable and very user friendly too. Thanks for your blog btw, I've been using a GH3 commercially and love it, GH4 soon :)