I've also been working on getting nice skin tones in black and white and can report that using

Lauren in Black and White.

The DXO Filmpack 3, Rollei IR 400 profile works well. You just need to bring down the contrast and increase the exposure. It helps to turn down the grain function as well.  Finally getting this stuff nailed in. It's about time.

By the way...for all the sharpness folks....the Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 lens is very sharp, even wide open. Now if you shoot architecture or other things requiring straight lines you should run from this lens as fast as you can, but----if you just want sharp and tonally well behaved this one is a good one.


Glenn Harris said...

Thanks for these two posts on making a beautiful portrait. Your workflow thoughts here are much appreciated by this longtime reader.

Kurt Holter said...

Nikon 14-140??

donbga said...

Nikon 14-140?

Kirk Tuck said...

Correction (applied above) the lens is an 18-140mm.