I am always happier when I remember that my cameras can make black and white photographs. Not just color.

 Susie W. 

I'm out shooting portraits today. When I have the time I like to look through folders of my favorite images before I head over to a client's location. It makes me reconsider what I really want to do and what outcome I'd really like to enjoy. I've packed light. My concentration is not on the technical aspects of making a portrait---that should be second nature by now---my concentration is focused on figuring out how I can make each sitter my accomplice. How we might make some fun art, together.


Gato said...

"...how I can make each sitter my accomplice."

I like that. That's what I try to do, but I've never said it that well.

Huw said...

I really like this picture, Kirk. The wry expression and the way her hair frames her face is just right. And it's great in black and white.