A reposting of an image by reader request. And a mea culpa to Aaron.

On a recent blog I wrote about using three cameras with various lenses on them to shoot in a style that used to be common in the days before pro level cameras became so expensive. A reader asked in a comment how I wore the cameras as I was shooting. The above image is from a math conference I did this Summer. Two of the cameras are GH3's and one of the cameras is a GH4. In the blog I talked about using all three cameras with prime lenses but two of the cameras above are fitted with zooms. I wouldn't want to be too consistent...

And I do owe an apology to reader, Aaron. I misread his comment about there being no difference in changing lenses to other focal lengths or zooming. I presumed we were talking about staying in one place and zooming versus changing positions and "zooming with one's feet." He is, of course, absolutely correct. Sorry about that!

I have been doing variations of the three camera shoot for about a year now and I find it a fun way to shoot. I'm down to two Panasonic cameras now so my "three camera" system is now only being practiced with the three Olympus EM5 bodies. This week I am experimenting with using the 3 Sigma DN Art lenses for m4:3 as my trio of glass. The 19mm, 30mm and 60mm. While the wide end is not very wide neither is my vision... I absolutely love the 60, and I love the smooth black lens barrels.

On a totally different note I showed up for jury duty yesterday fully expecting a painful three days in the service of democracy and the rule of law only to find out, from the judge, that both defendants in the cases copped a plea just before the empaneling which gave me back three uncluttered, unencumbered days. I spent this morning swimming, sipping a latte and eating warm chocolate croissants. This afternoon Studio Dog and I are going out for a run. Should be lovely. A nice gift from the scheduling universe.


  1. That looks so Life Magazine! I understand that Gene Smith used to wear five cameras at a time, when they weren't in the pawnshop.


  2. Congratulations on three free days. My experience with courts is that they move more slowly than tar in January although that expression surely has more meaning here in NNY than in Austin. :-)

  3. Kirk, I am blushing for having made the header of your post.
    I am now feeling ungrateful for you feeling the need to say sorry for anything!
    As a daily reader of your blog I never say 'thank-you' while reading your daily thoughts and admiring your images which you kindly share, so I'll take this opportunity to sincerly say 'thank-you'.


  4. No blushing required Aaron. When I'm wrong I'm wrong. And I felt that I jumped on your comments a bit too quickly anyway. Humility. I'm trying to practice it more since the lack of is one of my leading weaknesses.

    I apologized just to make sure I didn't lose a loyal reader. :-)


  5. Three cameras is fine for street credibility, but Kirk's outfit needs a little attention before it gets there. How about
    something like this?

  6. Love it David. I'll see if I can pick out something like that at Nordstroms...


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