The rewards for stumbling around the back streets with a camera can be silly or startling. I like the surprises I find off the beaten paths,

Like any old city Saratoga Springs has its share of attractions. There are the springs, of course. Then there's the oldest thoroughbred horse racing track in the U.S. and, of course the shopping and architecture. Let's not forget Yaddo, the writer's retreat. But I am loathe to tromp through where so many have tromped before me. I'm always on the look out for the interesting Kitsch that makes life feel like it's got an ample dose of whimsy and cerebral clumsiness. 

I headed west from downtown and found lots to look at. One place that was particularly fun with Saratoga's Florist. In a side yard adjoining the flower shop was a cacophony of visually engaging relics. Saints and naked nymphs frolicked together in the fenced in, open air, warehouse and I was able to move through with my little camera and try to pull out things I liked as visual candy. 

My favorite was the vaguely Medusan flower pot shown above in black and white. Just sitting there on the ground in front of colorful lawn fdic-frac decor and just behind a rickety cabana table. Now that's what I'm looking for when I'm roaming with a lens....

"Adoration of  naked breasts."


John said...

This may be a bit late for you but there are two great pools in the Saratoga Springs State Park. The Victoria and Peerless Pools. I used to swim there in the 80's but haven't been back in almost 25 years. Cool architecture but a bit cold to swim now.

Mitch Wojnarowicz said...

Saratoga is home turf for me. It's not very far away from where I live. Glad to see you found that there is much to see, some of it just a few steps off Broadway. Come back in the dead of January. The tourists and parent are gone, some of the shops are quiet and the streets take on a welcome emptiness.