Real World Testing an Old Lens Just for Fun. And because it was such a nice day outside.

It was in the seventies here today with bright sun and sparse clouds. 
I've done my AF fine tuning with the AF lenses but I wanted to 
get out, walk around and see how another lens I recently bought 
actually performed. 

I put the old, Ais Nikon 25-50mm f4.0 lens on the Nikon D7000 and went for a walk through
downtown. I used the camera on manual. I set the lens at f8.0 and the shutter speed to 1/250th with the ISO set to 100. Occasionally I strayed a bit. I shot a few wide open. 
I shot a few in "A" mode with auto ISO but for the most part, as above.

The color is different than my newer lenses. So is the contrast rendering. 
But the resolution is very high. 
At f8.0 I suspect nearly every lens is beautiful. 
That's all I cared about in my shooting today.


Corwin Black said...

A lot of AiS lens (especially later ones) is very good. :) Nice pics and very nice colors.. (just me or those colors are actually bit better than from today Nikkors?).

Huw said...

Kirk, that's a great selection of photos. The one of the man on the bicycle with the guitar is marvellous on lots of levels: the lighting, the angles (he's cycling uphill, but it's not obvious at first) and the colours. Top stuff.

Anonymous said...

Photos in the mid day sun. Good graphic quality to them. Look better in B&W?
Its also nice to see a pro photographer get out and enjoy a photo walk just for fun. I'd think you get enough of it during the week!